Thanks for being here.

Hello love.


Born in Chicago with Polish roots, I have always been drawn to adventure and discovering life. At 17, I moved away from home on my own for university seven hours away. Then in my final semester, I packed my bags & moved to France to study abroad, which led to me staying and visiting over 30+ (and still counting) countries. Oh, how little did I know then that I would remain in Europe 7 years later. Can you already tell I’m a world traveler at heart?

I discovered yoga quite early on as a way to find home within myself while my outer home constantly changing. In 2017, I became very ill and was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Candida, amongst a few other things, and then also broke my knee after falling down a waterfall. I remember wondering why all these things were happening but only later realized it was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we are put through different experiences to learn different lessons and to grow into who we are truly meant to be. And these were definitely a wake up call for me.

It was then that I immersed myself into holistic healing by changing everything (really, everything) from the way I ate to how I treated myself to the people I was surrounded by. Instead of doing what was expected of me, I finally started following my own intuition.

Eventually this led me to do my 200-hr Yoga Certification. Today, I live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where I share my love for yoga, self-discovery, and healthy living through teaching others. I also teach classes and workshops wherever my travels take me.

Most recently, I’ve launched a range of wellness & yoga retreats through my brand, Anushia.

My goal is to inspire you along your own journey. My biggest passion is people and I hope you can find your home here with me.