The Secret To Love On Valentines

Between the roses, heart-shaped balloons, and posters of overly happy couples, it's safe to say Valentine's day is right around the corner. Whether you like or dislike the day itself, there is no denying we all want love in our lives. As the famous quote by George Sand goes -

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

And so instead of opening up Tinder, here are 3 little things you can do to bring in more love on this special day (& well every other day of the year):

Recognize what's already present.

While it may seem that love is mostly found in romantic relationships, it actually stretches far beyond that. The secret to getting more love is to be thankful for what's already around you. By doing this, you automatically switch your perception from an outlook of lack to fullness.

Make a list of all the love around you. Whether it's through friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers - look beyond the romantic stuff. Continue to add to this list as time goes on. A funny thing happens when you do this - you realize how much love you actually do have in your life. And when you shift your focus from what you don't have to what you do, more of the good things are naturally attracted to you. Don't just take my word for it though, try and see for yourself.

Give a little.

Who says gifts only have to come from a boyfriend or girlfriend? Make someone else's day by giving (just because). Send flowers to a friend. Write a card to a family member. Give a warm smile to a stranger. Hug your cat. (Yes, cats want love too!)

Whatever it is - you will surely feel even a little blissful love through making someone else happy.

Celebrate yourself.

Truth is it's usually much easier to focus on loving others than ourselves. But how can you fully love another person if you can't show love to yourself? Commit to treating yourself with as much love as possible. Celebrate your single status. Buy yourself flowers, go out for your favorite meal, get a massage from that fancy spa - treat yourself as you would treat a lover. Not only do you deserve these things but really, when was the last time you were attracted to someone who didn't show love to themselves? By focusing on creating the best version of you, you will become a magnet for attracting others.
If all else fails and you still find yourself in a rut on Valentines, just indulge in some heart-shaped candies or pizza. Or both. Ok, definitely both. After all, if it's in the shape of a heart then it must give you love, right? ;)

[All photos styled by me. Valentine's card handmade by francas studios.]