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Creamy, Heavenly Quinoa

Quinoa, the super healthy food that has gone mainstream, has become one of go-to substitutes for pasta, potatoes, and other starches. My stomach just never really handled those kinds of foods well so out of my search for healthy alternatives, quinoa was discovered. This cooking method makes it creamy, tasty, and delicious rather then bland and since everyone I've made it for always asks for the recipe, I thought I would share it along with you!

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Chocolate Chia Cups

I'm all for healthy foods and love the way they makes my body feel. But still, even with knowing the amazing feeling I get from eating well, I have to admit that I have a HUGE weak spot for chocolate. Yesterday, I was having some major cravings & so I got into the kitchen with all of my healthy ingredients to make something to satisfy the tummy without giving it the heavy & bad feeling afterwards. I came up with these chia cups not being totally sure as how they would turn out but let me tell you, they're delicious!

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Easy Detox Tea

We've all had those moments when we get off track from healthy eating or have had one too many bites of something. Here's my simple detox tea that helps ease stomach bloating and gets you back on track to feeling great!

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