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4 Tricks To Overcome Fearful Thinking

Quite embarrassing to admit but it actually took me about three years to finally put my writing out in public (really). When I first came abroad to Europe, all these ideas would pop in my head for a website all about my adventures. I would get this rush of excitement in my heart, which was a good sign I suppose. Unfortunately though, that feeling would then be immediately followed by a million negative thoughts.

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Why You Should Move Abroad

About three years ago, my mind was set on moving to a completely new country. And while this adventure might still be continuing, now it's time for you to start yours. So whether it's for studying abroad, to work as an expat, take an extended vacation, or just to figure out life - moving to a new country will be one decision you will never regret.

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7 Little Things About Life

Life may look perfect through Instagram filters but lets be real - pictures don’t always tell the entire story. I've been incredibly fortunate to have been able to travel the world and having some pretty exciting experiences along the way but let me tell you that I'm still trying to just figure life out as much as the next person.

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