Creamy, Heavenly Quinoa


Quinoa, the super healthy food that has gone mainstream, has become one of my go-to substitutes for pasta, potatoes, and other starches. My stomach just never really handled those kinds of foods well so out of my search for healthy alternatives, quinoa was discovered! I came up with this recipe very randomly through experimenting and it is by far my favourite & only way to make it now. This cooking method makes it creamy, tasty, and delicious rather then bland and since everyone I've made it for always asks for the recipe, I thought I would share it along with you! 

So, here's what you'll need:

- 1 cup quinoa (I find the plain white one is best for the creamy-ness)

- 1.5 tablespoons coconut oil

- 2 to 3 tablespoons of lemon juice

- himalayan rock salt

- [optional]  1/2 vegetable bouillon cube

The How:

1. Measure out your quinoa, place in a strainer, and wash under cold water for a few minutes.


2. Put coconut oil in a pot and set on medium-high heat.

3. Once you feel the oil is hot, pour the rinsed quinoa into the pot. (There should be a loud sizzling noise as the quinoa hits the oil)

4. Let the quinoa toast on the oil while stirring it with a wooden spoon for 5 minutes or until you see the seeds getting a bit brown & toasted.


5. Add in water (for one cup of quinoa, you should add two cups or water) and season with himalayan salt. Also add in 1/2 bouillon cube [optional]. 

6. Put the heat on the lowest setting and cover the pot with a lid. Set a timer for 20 minutes and leave like this.

7. Once the timer is up, you'll see that most of the water should be gone. (If there's still a lot, you can place the lid back on and allow it to sit on the low heat for a few more minutes)

8. Squeeze in the lemon juice & another pinch of salt. Stir through well. 

9. Turn off the heat, place the lid back on, and allow the quinoa to sit a few minutes longer to absorb the flavours. All of the water should be completely gone by now. (If not, repeat step #7)




This creamy quinoa is super easy, healthy, and goes so well with a variety of different foods. It also doesn't leave you with a heavy feeling afterwards as other options might. I personally love making big batches, & mixing it with grilled veggies or different salads. If you're interested in knowing some of those recipes, let me know in the comments below. And most importantly, bon appétit / enjoy! :) 

With love,
♥ JJ