Celebrating How Wonderful You Are


Just a few years ago (& honestly still I sometimes can fall back into doing this without even realizing), I would never celebrate anything about myself. Whether that was taking a first step towards a new fitness goal, graduating with my masters, or simply just for being me, I never stopped for a moment to appreciate any of it. Instead I would criticize myself for not doing better and dwell on not being 'perfect'. No matter what I achieved, it was never enough or I just let myself believe it wasn't a big deal. Luckily what I realized is that if I kept going like this, nothing I would ever do would ever actually make me this happy person I wanted to be. 

The truth is that if we don't celebrate and take the time to truly appreciate ourselves, we will never find happiness in anything we do. We will be stuck in what feels like a hamster wheel, going in circles trying to accomplish things in the hopes it will make us feel happier. At least this is what I was finding myself in for many, many years. But really, what's the point of doing something if you can't be proud of yourself for it? 

One of the things that I've found to help me is to keep multiple pages in a journal with the title 'hello compliments or hello truth'. On these pages, write down every single compliment someone tells you as they come (even the ones you might think are just small ones)! I find there is something so powerful in having things written down. Especially on those days when you're getting caught up in not feeling good enough, pull out your journal. Read those pages again & again and remind yourself that is the truth. The fear, shame, and feelings of unworthiness are not.  

A few other fun ways to celebrate you:

♥ tell yourself three things you're proud of
♥ get a massage or have a spa day
♥ turn off all technology & distractions for a day
♥ play like a child again
♥ treat yourself to a meal that makes your body feel good
♥ take a silent walk in nature to allow your mind to breathe
♥ do nothing & allow yourself to actually enjoy it

I have learned that a key element to happiness is being able to celebrate yourself each and every day. It's not even that you have to do or 'accomplish' something to do this either. Celebrate you for being you, for being where you are, and simply for being alive. You, whomever you may be, are wonderful. And once this is realized, celebrating ourselves becomes natural and easy, just as it's supposed to. 

With love,
♥ JJ