Your Mind Will Always Believe Everything You Tell It

Each day we are filled with the thoughts of those around us whether it be our family, friends, peers, colleagues, or even the media. While sometimes those thoughts can be helpful to us, other times they may not and usually we have a fairly good instinct of knowing the difference. The thoughts we can forget to be aware of though are the ones we say to ourselves.

Something I've learned about 5 years ago was to become aware of my daily thoughts. It wasn't till then that I realized how negative some of my own thinking actually was and how much it was holding me back from what I wanted in life. Ever since then, I've been on a journey of improving myself, my thoughts, and going for my dreams.

I believe that what we think creates our outer reality. It fully affects how we view the world and more importantly, how we view ourselves. I fully know this to be true because it's what I've lived through myself. I've been the person who is always negative, who blames others for her problems, and who didn't believe that what she wanted out of life would be remotely possible. That was who I was 5 years ago. Since then, I've learned how to change my thoughts and I've experienced the incredible changes that comes with it.

I believe we can be who we want to and have what we desire in this life. Usually the biggest person holding us back from that though is our own selves. While I don't believe that positive thinking alone will change everything (you need to get your butt into action too ;)), I do believe that becoming aware of our thoughts and changing them is a major game changer.

I still have the days when negative thoughts sneak back into my mind (like today), which is why I wanted to share the experience I had & how I dealt with it in this particular situation. I made this video to show you, whomever you may be, the more vulnerable side of myself: the side that regardless of where I am in life, I still have my doubts and fearful thinking that creeps back in. I'm far from perfect and to be honest, I don't want to be. I believe it's so much more important to embrace imperfections, be true to ourselves, and if we feel like it, share that with the world. :)

With love,
♥ JJ