1000 Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

With life going at what seems like a hundred miles per hour, it can be hard to consistently stay happy. Either way, no matter how this day is going for you, happiness comes from being grateful for all that is already present. And let's be real, there are always reasons to be grateful no matter what your circumstances are. Hopefully being reminded of these few can brighten your day, even if it's a just a little. 

1. Having love. 

Whether it be family, friends, a significant other, a pet, or a person you just met - someone cares for you. Even if it's just your mom (which I'm sure it isn't), embrace it. 

2. Feeling safe in your country.

There are far too many places in the world where people are afraid to leave their own homes. If you are going out each day not thinking twice if it's ok to step outside then you're living the dream my friend.

3. Being in a good state of health.

Even if you're not at your 'ideal' health level, you can still breathe, get from point A to point B, see the beauty of the world, communicate, and all the other little things. Maybe we don't consider these each day since they seem normal but they allow us to do all that we do. 

4. For having food & water.

While it may be something we tend to overlook, it's a basic necessity that not everyone is lucky enough to have. Whether you think it or not, we live in absolute abundance with having fresh, clean water whenever we want or the ability to shop at a grocery store for an array of different foods.

5. Having the freedom to follow your dreams.

I know it can seem like we have to follow what our parents, teachers, elders.. everyone else tell us to do with our lives but in reality, you are the one with the freedom to choose what you want to do. I'm sure you're not getting tied down, being forced (well, at least I hope not) to follow someone else's dream for you. Not everyone even has this option to choose of course due to different circumstances so if you do, even if it's a little, take full advantage!

6. Having access to technology.

If you're reading this then you have more access to the internet than about 4.4 billion people. Ok, maybe some make the personal decision not to be online but others simply don't have the digital literacy or access to do so. Plus, who says being able to take a selfie isn't a reason to be grateful? ;)

7. - 1000. Being freakin' alive. 

But seriously. It's so easy to take this for granted but let me tell you that YOU are a miracle my friend. According to scientists, the chances of you existing as you today is about 1 in 400 trillion. Yes, one in four hundred trillion! Whether you realize it yet or not, you are meant to be here, to share your ideas and self with the world, and to live life to the fullest. Not everyone gets this chance but guess what, you did (again, out of four hundred trillion)!


Everyday might not be happy and positive and there will always be things we think we need in order to be happy. The secret though is to be grateful for the incredible things you already do have. It is what will attract only more good and what you want into your life. 

After all, the key to happiness is to count your blessings while others add up their troubles.                 -Unknown
Wishing you a beautiful day of living today and every other day. ♥