Magical London Escape


There are the places that you like but then there are the cities that your heart instantly starts beating faster just by being there. That's exactly what London is to me. There's something very special about this city that gives me butterflies in my stomach and ecstatic excitement simply from exploring the streets. 

Recently, one of my best friends [Lotte] had moved here and so of course I immediately booked a trip to visit her in this magical place. The people, architecture, cabs, vibe, fashion - I'm in love with it all. Also, don't even get me started on the British accent. I swear it makes every person instantly more attractive. I have to admit that the weather is a bit crazy though. I thought Belgium was bad but it's nothing in comparison. The day can start off beautifully sunny and then instantly change to stormy & gloomy. I'm sure it's something you get used to but still, can make outfit planning a real challenge. Hence, why I left one morning in a skirt but hey, at least it kept our walk in the rain entertaining. 

London center.png
Lotte London.png

One of the most neat things about London is how massive it actually is and how different each area can be. You don't really need a set plan to fully experience everything the city has to offer. We left each morning simply with the intent to wander and see what comes. That led us to coming across all sorts of amazing things, from incredible views to cozy shops to protests on the streets. 

London black cabs.png
London Streets.png

Obviously a trip to London isn't complete without a tourist pic with the ever so beautiful, Big B. Apparently the gold plates at the top were recently cleaned so this iconic clock was looking extra vibrant. 

Big Ben.png
Harrods London

I'm so thankful for the signs that remind you to check for traffic properly since driving is done on the opposite side in the UK. They've saved my life more than I'll ever admit.

London street signs.png
London streets.png

While it was just a short getaway, each moment was enjoyed to the fullest. I have to admit that even looking at the pictures again gives me a feeling of excitement. Maybe it's a hint for my next move. ;)


Is there a place that gives you that feeling of being in love? Where is it & what do you love most about it?