7 Little Things About Life

Life may look perfect through Instagram filters but lets be real - pictures don’t always tell the entire story. I've been incredibly fortunate to have been able to travel the world and have some pretty exciting experiences along the way. But let me tell you that I'm still trying to just figure life out as much as the next person.

And while I still don't have all the answers yet.. this is what I have discovered so far:

Life is.. 

1. Being lost and confused.. and that’s OK.

Growing up, I always had the feeling that I needed to have everything figured out perfectly as soon as possible. Not having it so would mean complete failure. Pshh silly me. 

Be confused, change your mind, wonder about new things and try them. It's ok! Life is all about experimenting in order to find what drives you. It would be pretty daymn boring and dull anyways if we knew it all so embrace the excitement of not knowing and keep discovering the world.

2. Figuring out what you don't like. 

There's a whole lot of talk about figuring out what you want in life but one big thing we forget is how important figuring out what we DON'T like is. Searching for what you like is cool but what's even better is letting go of the pressure and just trying anything and everything. You'll quickly discover what you exactly don't want, which will lead you to ultimately figuring out what you do. It's all trial and error baby.

3. Taking random adventures that scare you. 

Whether it's taking a kickboxing class or a last minute unplanned trip - just do it. It may seem scary at first but those anxious butterflies you feel in that moment are only temporary and from experience, magic happens when you just push yourself to do these things. Also, the more you do it, the more you realize how capable you are of doing the things you never thought were possible.

4. Talking to that stranger.

You know you want to but something holds you back. You consider it and within seconds, your brain is already tripping you up screaming "well you have nothing to say", "you will look stupid".. Blah blah blah. Well let me tell you that it's all a lie. Our minds can sometimes play dirty little tricks on us like this but the key is to avoid listening to this chatter as much as possible. I don't mean completely ignore it - but rather listen and say thanks but no thanks. When you want to talk to a random stranger,  just start walking towards them even if you have no idea what you will say. Your brain is one smart cookie and you'll figure it out by the time you get there. All you need is a simple "hello" to open a million possibilities anyways.

5. Loving fully and openly. 

We've all had our hearts broken, hurt, and what feels like torn apart at some point or another. This can leave us resentful and fearful of future love in both friendships and relationships but these feelings don’t serve us one bit. Forgive and forget. This may take some time and work but it will all be worth it. Treating every new love as if it’s your first really changes things. You won’t go into a date or relationship anxious that the other will hurt you or what not just because someone did it to you in the past. The past is the past. The future is unknown. But the present is a gift - cherish it and leave your past negative feelings behind. When you treat others fully with love, it all comes back to you in one way or another. 

6. Trusting in something greater. 

I'll be the first to admit that life can be pretty damn scary. Plans fail, people hurt you, things just happen. Imperfections like this will always come at you but trusting in something or someone - whether it's a God or just your inner guidance makes life that much more fun and easy. You stop being scared of what could or could not happen and instead focus on enjoying the ride, confident that no matter what happens, you are being guided to greatness. 

7. Kissing slowly and often. 

No explanation required. It's just awesome.