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  • 2222 Luxembourg Luxembourg (map)

In a world where many times we’re encouraged to play things safe and take the road of less risk, discovering our true purpose can seem like an impossible task. It doesn’t have to be that way though. We always have the opportunity to choose again. The sooner we can come into alignment with what lights our soul on fire, the quicker we find flow in everything around us.

During this 2 hour-ish workshop, we will be perched up in a special outdoor location surrounded by complete nature. I’ll share my personal strategies that led me to finding my own purpose. We will dive deep into uncovering what it is that lights you up, let go of things you feel you ‘should’ be doing yet aren’t connected to, and learn how to see signs from the Universe. All will then be weaved into an empowering yoga flow session.


This is the space where you can feel safe to come as you are and explore deeper. We will talk, share, meditate, move, and connect into what your soul is searching for.

Open to all levels.

What to bring:

  • journal and pen

  • yoga mat (I’ll have a few extra in case you don’t have one - please let me know)

  • sweater & extra blanket to cover up in case of light wind

*In the chance of rain or storm, there will be an alternative location option. If possible, it’s suggested to not plan something directly after in the case the session goes longer or you'd like to give yourself some time & space to reflect instead of having to immediately rush.